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    Reestablishing "Based On" for Style Attributes

    isips Level 1

      I don't imagine I'm the first person, but I hate that the only way I can link certain attributes of styles to each other is using "Based On:...." Now, if I change some attribute of a style that is based on another style, the slave style now no longer mimics the master style for that attribute. This comes in handy, but sometimes I want to reestablish the slave/master relationship and I cannot figure out how to do this except by making a fresh style.Is there a way to reestablish the relationship?


      My particular case is that I have one style based on another. I tried to add grep styling rules to the slave and then realized I wanted the grep to apply to all. Then when I changed my master style it only applied to the slave styles that I had not fiddled with...Which is frustrating as I need to manage this GREP and possibly change it on a large scale.