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    How can I insert a new table whose cells are linked to Cell Styles?


      How can I define a Table Style so that cells in new tables are automatically linked to my Cell Styles? (Not sure if "linked" is exactly the appropriate word....I'm going for "connected in such a way that when the Style is changed, the character/paragraph/cell/table/object updates to reflect the change.")


      I thought the whole point of using Cell Styles in Table Styles would be so the cells can be automatically linked to the desired Cell Styles when the table is created -- but that isn't happening for me. I don't know if I'm just confused or if this is a bug:


      When I insert a new table of a Table Style I have defined, it seems all cells in the new table are simply linked to Cell Style [None], with overrides for each cell that are consistent with the applicable Cell Style as it was defined when the table was inserted. So although the appearance of each cell is consistent with the Cell Style I defined for for that region of the table, the cells don't update if I later make changes to the Cell Styles I defined.


      (If, after inserting a new table, I manually select each cell and apply the desired Cell Style, then the cells do (of course) update when I change the Cell Styles.)


      Is it possible to have cells be actually linked to Cell Styles when a new table is inserted, instead of cells being simply linked to style [None] with overrides?


      (I'm using the up-do-date 2014 release of InDesign CC, in case that's relevant.)