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    Shockwave crashes IE


      Running Windows 8.1 with IE 11.


      I have been having a lot of problems with tabs crashing IE.  I finally have traced the problem to the Shockwave Flash player.  When I have the Flash plug-in enabled, IE crashes.  When I disable it, everything works fine (except for certain videos of course).


      I have gone through a bunch of steps to uninstall Flash, but it is apparently embedded in IE 11.


      I do not see Flash when I go to Add/Remove programs.


      I found an uninstall Flash program; downloaded that and ran it.


      I found some help article instructing me to delete several files in the SysWow folder; did that.


      When I attempt to install Flash, every Adobe webpage simply tells me that

      "Either Flash Player is disabled or ActiveX Filter is ON.

      Please follow trouble shooting steps to play Flash content."


      The trouble shooting does not help, and enabling Flash only causes the browser to crash.


      Any additional resources I can read through?