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    How does this replace SendNow?

    R Schuster 2

      I've tried using the new Acrobat.com as a replacement for SendNow, but I fail to see how it is a viable replacement for SendNow.  I must be missing something, because I cannot find how I can do any of the following using the Send feature on Acrobat.com:

      • get delivery receipts via email as soon as a client downloads a file

      • limit file downloads to a certain number of days

      • use custom branding


      Please tell me if I'm simply not understanding how to access these features in the new Acrobat.com. We were told this was going to be an improvement over SendNow, but I'm not seeing how it's an improvement.  As I already own Acrobat, I don't need to use Acrobat.com to create forms, combine files, create PDFs, or any of the other functions that you've combined into Acrobat.com.  I simply need a great way to deliver large files to clients, which SendNow did pretty well. 


      Also, is there a desktop version, as there was with SendNow before it was downgraded?  And I don't mean just using Acrobat Pro to send PDF files -- a standalone application to send a variety of file formats.