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    Adobe CS6/CC and Epson 9900 printer issue


      Today I spent about 3 hours trying to print a larger image off an Epson 9900 with no luck. It seemed that no matter how I oriented the image or altered the settings in the printer driver window on the computer, the printer would always start printing from the corner opposite the actual beginning and only print about 2/3rds the length of the image. The print was on a 44" wide space, 32" long with the image centered and measuring 34"x28" in size. Once the file was sent the printer, it would begin to print in the proper margin, but stop the print around 27" instead of 34" and from the wrong corner.


      Anyone know why? I think it might be an issue with the latest upgrade as this did not happen a month ago when I printed it the first time and when I plugged in my personal computer, which hasn't been updated yet, it began to print the image without any complications.