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    FrameMaker Error


      Im currently using FrameMaker 7.0 and im currently experiencing a issue when saving a imported graphic. A error message is displayed stating "An internal error occurred while imported graphics in this document.  The file has been saved, but has lost some image data.  Please report this error to Adobe Technical Support."  Can anyone help with this issue, thanks.

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          Bob Niland (Error 7103) Community Member

          FM7 on what platform (Windows, Unix, Mac)?


          What graphics file format for the problem file?

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            ReneSteph Community Member

            This week I too have begun seeing this same error for the first time ever. I'm running FM12.0.2.389 on Win7-SP1. It seems to be triggered whenever I apply a Boolean expression to control the hide/show of conditional text. Oddly enough, all text using tags set in the expression as "NOT" to show is actually getting deleted from the FM file altogether. If I had not saved and reopened one of the "odd extension" files created when FM crashed, I would have permanently lost half the content of several critical files on the highest priority project at this client. DOH!!  I can forward files privately to someone if you want to take a look. Maybe I should add this to the Bugbase...?



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              Jeff_Coatsworth CommunityMVP

              Yes, you probably should – there had been issues with crashes involving conditional text in prior versions, but I thought they had been solved in FM12

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                mfahie1984 Community Member

                The platform im using is Windows 7 Professional and the file format is a .PDF

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                  Bob Niland (Error 7103) Community Member

                  >> Im currently using FrameMaker 7.0 ...

                  > The platform im using is Windows 7 Professional

                  > and the file format is a .PDF

                  Two major observations about that:

                  1. PDF import in FM7 is unstable. I use FM7.0/Windows and FM7.1/Unix, and a PDF will import, but sooner or later (often sooner) the preview/thumbnail image shown to the author collapses to a 1x1 inch grey square. Nothing can be done to fix it, short of creating a new anchored frame and reimporting, and that's of course again only temporary.

                    The fix is to convert the PDF to EPS (using Illustrator or Acrobat Pro), and import that instead. You can even set up a batch process in IL to convert large numbers of PDFs to EPS.

                  2. I'm surprised that FM7 even runs native in Win7. I would expect various random problems during FM ops, and a complete inability to reliably use the Acrobat/Distiller5 that came with FM7 (although a later version of Acrobat/Distiller, separately installed, might work, esp. if using a Print-to-Ps-and-Distill workflow). I've been building a new Win7 Pro64 PC, and plan to run FM7 in XP Mode (a virtual machine that is a complete instance of Windows XP/32, and not to be confused with Compatibility Mode).

                    XP Mode is a free download that is still available from MS, It's huge, and wants 200+ Windows Updates applied. You may need to have a PC that supports hardware virtualization (which might exclude many lower-end Intel chips). If your chip is AMD, there's a patch you need to install before you do anything else about XPM.
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                    ReneSteph Community Member

                    Jeff_Coatsworth wrote:


                    Yes, you probably should – there had been issues with crashes involving conditional text in prior versions, but I thought they had been solved in FM12

                    I reported it: Bug#3802835 - Applying Boolean build expression causes loss of data tagged with condition tags that are excluded as "NOT…

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                      Bob Niland (Error 7103) Community Member

                      I'm now doing real work in FM7.0p578 (as well as Acrobat 5.05, Photoshop 7 and Illustrator 10) in XP Mode on Windows 7 Professional. They work, but there are some further things to add to the above tips.

                      • As I've mentioned in other threads on this topic, you need to have Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise. XP Mode won't install on Basic, Home or not-so-Premium. It's getting a bit late to buy any version of Win7, but if you have a toy Win7, you may be able to do an instant upgrade of Basic/Home/Prem to Ult or Pro.
                      • If you have enabled the Administrator account, think twice about logging in to it for the Xp Mode install. If you do that, XPM is not by default made available to all users. MS has a published hack (Setting up Windows XP mode for all users - Windows 7 Help Forums) for how to make it available by copying some stuff into \Users\All users, but it was unstable for me. Install as the user who will run it. Give them Admin rights, if temporarily, to enable that.
                      • Turn off you antivirus during the install, and during the install of any apps inside XPM.
                      • Tell your AV not to search
                        C:\Users\{UserID}\Virtual Machines
                        C:\Users\{UserID}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Virtual PC
                        during scans. I saw some indication that BitDefender might have mucked with the .vhd virtual hard drive image.
                      • The default config of the XP Mode only takes 512 MB RAM. Bump it to 2G after install.
                      • The standard XP Mode only emulates 16-bit color (indexed high color). There's an MS-published but unsupported hack for bumping that to 24 bit. 32 might be possible.
                      • The XP Mode window size appears to be limited to 2048x2048 max, which is a bit annoying on my spiffy new 2560 monitor. Even going above the default requires editing an obscure configuration file, and if you go above 2048, you can get into Integration Features hell, where XP Mode takes forever to start and is useless when it does. Based on some search results, you can get into IF hell for other reasons too.
                      • If the Adobe AutoRun doesn't on the app media, drill down the appname path and run setup.exe explicitly.
                      • It's probably a wise idea to turn off the networking features of XPM once everything is installed, since security updates are no longer provided for XP. When choosing an anti-virus for the host Win7 OS, see what the AV vendor says about XP Mode. BitDefender, for example, says not to install BD in the VM, and that it is adequately protected by the BD running on Win7.
                      • Make a backup image of all the stuff in those two file paths above, so you can easily get back to a known working XPM+apps config if needed. This will save hours of VM reinstall, XP re-install, hundreds of XP updates, and app re-installs.
                      • Windows 8, presumably 8.1, and I would guess 10 also, do not support XP Mode. Whether it can be made to work anyway is not known to me. You might need a 3rd party VM, but in that case you'll need to get an XP license and install media somehow (it's a free, if huge, download with XP Mode).


                      The number of old but still useful apps I have, that refused to install native in Win7 (or wouldn't run if they did) was surprising. I would expect most DOS and Win/16 apps to not install/work, because the x86-64 ISA simply doesn't support 16-bit x86 modes, but no-joy on legacy Win/32 stuff is not going to work out well for Mr.Bill, esp. since the XP Mode dodge is officially a one-time Win7 thing. MS is telling us "yep, we've cut off your past, and there is no future", plus it looks like Win10 might be "free" with growing intrusion, and perhaps a surprise subscription later (i.e., time-bombed unless you pay a periodic Redmond tribute - yes, I know they current talking about free-forever, but it's hard to see how that's going to be sustainable). Even if I upgrade to the latest Adobe suites, they are themselves annoyingly subscription in key cases. I resent having my work output held for ransom with time bombs. I'll be bringing up some flavor of Linux on the old machine, and exploring what's available there and in open source apps for Win7 - already found a nice alternative to the HomeSite5 that Adobe abandoned and Win7 refused to install (but which does still work in XPM).