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    Fireworks CS3 Upgrade Requirements

      I will be purchasing the Adobe CS3 Designers Edition Upgrade, which I qualify for as an owner of Studio 8. Since that package does not include Fireworks, my question is: Do I also qualify for the Fireworks CS3 upgrade? I did see that I would qualify as an owner of Fireworks 8, but didn't know if that meant I had to own the standalone version. Sorry if this has been already asked in another thread.
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          Perhaps that you get a better help from Adobe Customer Service (through sales department). I am pretty sure that you get pretty good deal by talking to them.

          Give it a try. The contact information can be found on top of Adobe website everywhere, including the forums using "Contact" link. Once you are on that page, there is lot of options for you to select from.

          To speak with real live person, you need to speak with them during business hours as in Pacific Standard Time in the states' time.

          Hope that helps.