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    [08/07/2014] New Release of Flash Player

    Eric.H Adobe Employee

      Adobe would like to announce that a new version of Flash Player, AIR, and Primetime will be released within the next 1-2 weeks.  The new version(s) are:


      * Flash Player (version 14)

      * AIR (version 14)

      * Primetime (version 1.3.3)


      For Adobe Access DRM customers, the release(s) contain the noteworthy features and/or bug fixes:

      1. (Flash Player) BUGFIX: Fixed a random crash when playing HLS content in Chrome encrypted with rotating Initialization Vectors (IVs).

      2. (Flash Player) BUGFIX: Fixed an issue with DRM Error 3338 appearing in Chrome when changing the display mode from ³Extend² to ³Duplicate².

      3. (AIR) BUGFIX: Fixed an issue with DRM Error 3343 (IV Error) sometimes occurring when playing encrypted content.


      For Adobe Primetime DRM customers, the noteworthy features and/or features are:

      1. (iOS) ARM64 Support: ARM64 build target is now supported.

      2. (iOS) iOS8 Support: iOS8 is now supported.

      3. (iOS) BUGFIX: Fixed an intermittent crash when playing content in a Blackout/License-Rotation use case


      Please take the time to notify your engineering and support staff accordingly.

      To stay on top of Adobe Access and/or Flash Player announcements, please subscribe to the following channels (which will also announce upcoming betas prior to releases):


      * Adobe Access DRM: http://forums.adobe.com/community/adobe_access/announcements

      * Flash Player: http://forums.adobe.com/community/flashplayer/announcements

      * Adobe Primetime: http://www.adobe.com/solutions/primetime.html