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    moving Catalogs and images to external HD when Catalogs are OLD versions Of LR and LR want me to update program ( which I have already !)

    photoyogi Level 1

      Moving OLDER version LR Catalogs and photos from internal   to external HD.

      I have read earlier Q&A  posts on subject. Must say after many years with LR , catalogs ( and the directions given in the forum)  still creates major brain fog.

      When I go to open old catalogs I get message to  download and update LR... but I have most recent on my system. Any way I can avoid  going down rabbit hole and spending more time upgrading all these images in LR and their catalogues . I just need them off computer AND  findable.  ACTUALLY I do not know what catalogs all photos are actually in due to LR generic catalog naming.  The rabbit hole just  makes  me want to move the  folders of photos  ( they have  logical names IE "201_ Personal_family " )  On to external HD and then Right click to find their catalog or just re-import them to updated LR  ( when I need them if ever  ) and not get weighed down with side bar activities.

      SHUDDER ,dare I imagine  what the forum LR wizards are thinking when I say this ?

      Suggestions please.