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    How do I quit Safari (or another browser/app) in OS X

    maria__ Adobe Employee

      Flash Player requires all applications that use it to be closed/terminated in order to install or uninstall Flash Player.  On OS X, simply closing the application window does not terminate/quit the application.  There are a few ways to close the application.  These instructions will refer to Safari, but they can be used for other browser/applications as well:

      Method 1:

      • Quit Safari app from the Dock icon:
        • Mouse over the Safari icon in the Dock
        • Press the Control key and left-mouse click at the same time
        • A menu will display. Click Quit to terminate the application.


      Method 2:

      • Use Activity Monitor to terminate Safari:
        • Launch Activity Monitor from /Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor
        • Ensure 'All Processes' are being listed (menu in the upper right)
        • Find and select Safari
        • Click the Quit Process button (upper left)