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    Delete Rejected Photos - LR 5.6 Windows

    Terry_Straehley Level 1

      It used to be that when I did a CTL-Backspace, I received a dialog that asked if I wanted to delete the photos from the disk (move to Recycle Bin) or just from the catalog.  I always wanted to delete from the disk.  Now it appears I only get one question: Delete from Lightroom? (Only the catalog).I looked in Bridge and found that the photos were still on the disk.  Now the photos aren't deleted and aren't marked (as far as I know), so I won't know which one I wanted to delete.  Do I have go back through all my 1600+ photos from my last trip and try to remember which should have been deleted?  Has anyone else noted this change?  What do you do?  Is there some way to delete (move to Recycle Bin) the photos?