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    Flex 3 beta question re: running flash content

    bobba1 Level 1

      I am a novice Flex user attempting to learn Flex via Flex 3 beta.

      When i try and run simple flex programs (eg sample programs) -- sometimes they run OK (eg flex component explorer demo in flex 3 beta startup window) and sometimes they dont (eg flex style explorer in flex 3 beta start up window).

      when i do get an eror message it says "Alternate HTML content should be placed here. This content requires the Adobe Flash Player. Get Flash" However, I have the latest Flash 9 player installed and it shows up when i test my browser to see what version i have.

      Any ideas on whay this is happening, and what i can do?

      Because it is an intermittant problem (sometimes flex runs an app OK, sometimes it does not) i am assuming it cannot be a firewall or popup problem.

      any help would be appreciated -- remember i am a flex novice (with capital N), but i can author flash and get the basics of coding in as2 and AS3.