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    FLVPlayback buffering &/or preloading...

      I finally managed to get the downloading bytes count from a FLVPlayback component, but eventhough it seems to work well on my fast cable connection, I cannot get it to work on my old 56k dialup.
      It starts off fine, but as soon as it hits the count of 497,617 bytes (on +/- 2MBs files), the player seems to "time out" and consider that it has downloaded the whole file... The progress bar suddenly jumps to the end, and the file will play, but it will only play what I figure must be those 497,617 bytes, and what the player seems to consider as being the whole file, although it's only 20% of it.

      If someone can check the following on some slower connection, I'd like to know if this is also happening for them...

      Link removed.

      Does anybody have a clue to explain why this would be happening... And maybe have a suggestion to solve the issue?