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    Help - Command Line Effect



      First of all, allow me to say hi to the community. This is my first time posting and in fact, my first time using After Effects.

      I reached after effects because i have a project that needs a specific effect and from what i read online, maybe only after effects can do it...

      The effect i am looking for is the one seen in the video below ... not only the falling code but mainly the command line...

      I tried to watch several tutorials and do it myself... however i can't seem to do it right ... So i thought about asking for some help here ... Is there anyone who has some kind of template regarding this effect, PLEASE? =(

      I am sorry to bother you guys with such a noob question but i really need this for a project (that i was doing with final cut pro before the need to include this effect).

      I thank you in advance for reading and helping.


      Yours sincerely,



      Matrix Intro - YouTube