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    Track motion - working but AE stops responding so must force quit




      I'm on:

      AE CC 2014 v13.0

      PC with Nvidia k4000 and 32GB RAM

      Working with 4k R3D footage.


      I'm using track motion (transform - position, scale and rotation) on a precomped layer that has 2 circle effects on black background. (I'm trying to extract warp stabilizer data because the stabilizer works great for 98% of the shot but does something silly in the middle of the shot so I want to key frame the stabilization).


      The tracker seems to be working but after a while I can't stop the tracker or do anything else within AE. The program hasn't crashed but it fails to respond to any commands. Even once the tracker gets to the end of the clip and stops I still can't do anything.


      Really I just need the position, scale and rotation data from an applied warp stabilization of a certain clip. Anyone have an alternative way of doing this?


      Really wish warp stabilizer had some key frame control!