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    photoshot cc crash 2014


      Hey, im a completel noob in photoshop. i downloaded the trial version for photoshop because i needed to convert a few large pdf files to a png but every time i open it, the program just crashed within a few seconds.. This is really frustrating for me because all the fixes online are in details which i dont understand.. Can someone explain it in the most simple way possible for this complete noob... Thanks

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Without some proper system info and the details from the crash logs nobody can even begin to guess. This could have all sorts of causes.



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            I wanted to know do you have Windows or you are using Mac

            and also wanted to know Photoshop version

            and if you can provide me the error messsage so please provide me.

            and please create any other file or try to oen any other format in the aplication and let me know it is working on not.


            Thank you

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              LukeHoneysett Level 1

              I believe it's the latest version as I only installed it a few days ago.

              I'm using it on windows 8 and there is no crash error it just says it has stopped working

              I have tried opening just photoshop on its own, and opening pdf psd and jpeg same thing happens every time. It's odd because I had it installed previously.

              When I get home I can give you any additional information you nees