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    Edge animate and Cordova build


      So recently I was trying out some edge commons functions and have gotten them to work on browsers. So I wanted to do a little experiment so I've decided to try compile the project with cordova build. Well was hoping for it to work but it seems like somewhere went wrong and when I run the apk, it wasn't even able to retrieve the list of items from the JSON file.


      basically the program just loads a list of items from the click of a button and you can also click on the black box on the right to display an image.


      //get json information and display



        function(data){ console.log("incoming data: ", data);

        $.each(data.shoes, function(index, item){

        var s = sym.createChildSymbol( "template", "content");

        s.$("title").html( item.item );

        s.$("description").html( item.description );

        s.play(index * -500);


        s.setVariable("spotlight", item.spotlight );




      btw thanks joel pau for helping out previously.


      does anyone here have any similar experiences when trying out cordova build with edge animate?


      here are my files..

      Dropbox - index.zip

      Dropbox - test-debug.apk


      Perhaps there's still some cordova api I'll need to add before compiling??