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    If I edit a photo in Photoshop Elements, I can't seem to re-import it back into Lightroom. If I open the relevant folder on my Mac the image is present, but Lightroom just doesn't "see" it at all.

    suffolk tony

      For some reason, my (Mac) Lightroom 5 won't recognise images in folders on my Mac that I've edited in either Photoshop Elements or Perfect Effects 8. If I've previously imported images from a specific folder, Lightroom will show these as greyed-out images (as normal) but will not show other images I've subsequently saved in that folder. Similarly, if I, say, select three images from Lightroom to use the Photomerge option in Elements, the subsequent saved image won't be recognised by Lightroom.


      I've tried moving locations, saving in umpteen different formats etc., but the problem persists. No problem importing existing images from either SD card or old folders on the computer.


      It's very frustrating!