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    Possible to unbind menu keybinds?


      This is something that is really bugging the hell out of me. Scenario:

      Im doing a lot of operations using keystrokes and then somehow, I dont get the poly lasso when pressing L - or some other tool hotkey stops working because the software has highlighted some crap in the menu row. Hotkeys being context-sensitive in Photoshop, they now apply to the menu row instead of the actual tools.


      Is it possible to make photoshop unbind all menu keybinds? I rarely even go into the menues because I have everything keybound, or placed on a custom, Configurator-made panel. Having photoshop getting stuck in the menu happens way too often, every single day and its making me really annoyed.


      Query to Adobe:

      When are you going to start caring about game developers? We want more customization in the software, not another slider on some filter that only Photographers use.

      Interface customization, Python interpreter, etc - I can think of a ton of things that would make Photoshop more appealing to game developers.

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Query to Adobe:

          When are you going to start caring about game developers?

          This is a user to user Forum, so you are not really addressing Adobe here, even though some Adobe employees thankfully have been dropping by.


          As for your original issue:

          As far as I can tell a number of keyboard shortcuts are un-editable to the general public.

          It seems you hit enter too often, which highlights entry fields in the Options Bar for Tools that offer some.