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    Why does this error occur in Digital Editions?


      I am working in a contact centre and have a customer who is giving the following complaint:



      ""    It’s still the same scenario.


      I just reinstalled ADE 3.0 and downloaded the first book again. It can’t be read like it’s supposed to.


      I enter the pub.

      Go one page down (Can see the page counter is counting up)

      The page doesn’t shift

      Exit the pub into library

      The page that couldn’t be shown before is now visible

      Go one page down

      The page doesn’t shift


      These epub’s have no value for us because we can't work like that.Therefor we want you to remove the DRM of these publications or cancel the trade. I will ofc verify all publications have been deleted from my computer if you won’t remove the DRM. ""


      Please help me understand the issue that is happening here, as it is the first time I have heard of this kind of failure. as for the DRM - I have no control over this, being only the publisher and not the DRM owner.


      Thanks community!