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    Versioning an ePub?

    Philip Stone Level 1

      Hi! I'm super excited about the new ability of ID to export fixed layout epubs. I produce amongst other things hiking and mountaineering guidebooks and being able to sell and the n update these through the iTunes Store is a major boon.


      To supply updates to my books it looks like the versioning feature would be useful (although I recently updated one book successfully by simply uploading a new file through iTunes Producer). I'm wondering how to include versioning meta info with my epubs? Or can I suggest that Adobe include versioning in an upcoming update to the plugin?


      Apple describes including a prefix in the <package> tag of the OPF file. Where is this file? When I Export from ID all I get is the finished .epub file.


      Thanks for any assistance and especially to Adobe for improving this capability - now please one more step and add versioning!