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    Problem with margins shifting when printing.

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      I have an installation template on an 11x17 sheet with 3/8” margins. There is a “left” and “right” version on each side (basically mirrored) and the intent is that they align front to back when you hold the sheet up to the light. When we print a proof, two sided, on our laser printer, the drawings match when the single sheet is held up to the light, but the margins are no longer the same; each is offset by a 1/16” in the same direction. BUT when you print one sided on our printer and hold the 2 sheets back to back, the drawings are off by 1/8” because the margins are off by the 1/16' in different directions. This creates a problem when it is sent to the commercial printers as they are printing single sided to their printing plates. (The problem still appears in the exported PDF file the printers use)

      The problem is, I can’t get InDesign to stop shifting the content on the page that 1/16”!


      1. If I look at the page, the margin guides show the correct 3/8”on both sides.
      2. If I look at the Master page, the margin guides show the correct 3/8”on both sides.
      3. Under “Margins and Columns” in InDesign, I found the correct margins set (0.375 - 3/8”) all around,  with 1 column and a 0.1667” Gutter. Ha .. I thought I had found it! So I removed the Gutter and checked “Enabled Layout”, But when printed, same problem.
      4. I then though it must be on the master pages and found and did the same thing as above, still no luck!
      5. Then I created a new master page and set it up as above and reapplied the new master page, still no luck!


      I’m stumped!?! If we can’t get these margins correct we can’t send it to the commercial printer.


      Thanks in advance for any help!