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    Changing text every X pages


      OK, so I'm helping design a cyberpunk game supplement and we're thinking about adding a little spinner beside the page numbers - so if you flip through the book it will animate like the old text base terminal spinners would. The one I'm trying to replicate would need to shift each page in the following sequence | / - \ through the whole book. (thinking about it now we would need to set it up to duplicate for 2 pages at a time in order to make the animation work properly on the printed version because of page facing.)


      Anyway, is there a function I could use to do this already in the footer or is this something I would need to write a script for. I'm guessing the latter but I thought I would ask before I go through the trouble of writing the script.


      This page has a sample of what I'm going for. Showing a Bash Spinner for Long Running Tasks | Louis Marascio « Fixed in the Next Release