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    Simple (i guess) Photoshop scripting quesiton ;)


      Hi guys,


      Just a quick question...


      I've looked on the forum and on the web but can't find a working solution for my, I think, simple problem.


      I have a Photoshop image using variables and external data source (text file) to generate badges with fields like first_name, last_name, department, ... made thanks to this tutorial http://www.richmediacs.com/user_manuals/RMCS_PS_Training/Using%20PS%20Variables/UsingVaria blesInPS_EXTERNAL.html (maybe there is a better way to do the same things just using scripts).


      This part is working fine but I would like to add a different logo only for some departement so I need to use something like "if departement is accounting then show accounting logo else if departement is engineering show engineering logo else show default logo".


      How can I do that ?


      I forgot to say I this will be my very first Photoshop script...


      Thank you for your precious help...


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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          It may be easier the include both logo on different layers in your template psd file run your data driven graphics job. Then process the populated output files with a script that would retrieve the department and delete the logo layer that does not match the department. Or leave the template as is have the script just retrieve the department and add the correct logo to the populated output files.

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            Michael L Hale Level 5

            With data driven graphics and datasets you have several choices. You could have several logo layers and use the data to control which is visible. I think that would be the best way. You could use the dataset to replace the contents of the logo layer. That works best if the logos are the same size. Either of those could be done with simple changes to the template and datasets. You could post-process the images as suggested if you can't change the datasets.

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              MBV-Media Level 1

              Hi guys,


              Thank you for the help. I think indeed the easiest way is to get all the logo into the data set source.

              The file I'm getting does not includes the logo but I can easily write a program that will update it and add the missing things.


              Thank you again.