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    Photo books

    GEMSupport Level 1

      I have recently installed Lightroom 5 on my computer.  Is it possible to create photo books using criteria other than provided in Lightroom.  I have previously created Picabo photo books downloading from my photos on Elements 11 organizer.  Is it possible to continue with that method with Lightroom 5?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          To use the book feature in Lightroom, you need to use images that have been imported into the Lightroom catalog. If your Photoshop Elements images are not in your Lightroom catalog I don't see how you would use Lightroom to create a photo book.

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            GEMSupport Level 1

            I understand that the images for a book have to be imported into Lightroom my question is do I have to use the outline for a photo book as provided in Lightroom or can I use the book form from Picabo which I am doing now with Elements 11.

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I don't use the book module in Lightroom, so I'm just going to have to say that I don't think you can do what you want to do. There are a number of styles provided in the book module, and as far as I know, those are your choices.


              I use other sources to do my books, and I use the software provided by the company to create the book. So I'm probably not the best one to provide help to you. But since I misunderstood your initial question and obviously made a fool of myself with my answer, I thought I would reply. Someone else may have a better answer for you.

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                GEMSupport Level 1

                Thanks for your reply.  I will keep searching