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    Display image into Data Grid

      I have to display into a data grid, in Flex 2, 2 columns: first column ( "Images") must contain a picture with an object and second column (" quantity") must contain the amount of that object that I want to buy. The problem is that I must take the name of the image from an .xml file, specified like this:
      <mx:DataGrid id="obj" dataProvider="{ObjList}" > where ObjList is the .xml file with <name/> <picture_address/> etc.
      The second column must contain a textbox so I can input a number of items for each picture ( can be also a combobox where from I can select some value, from 1 to 20 for example).
      I've searched the Internet and I haven't found a solution yet. Please give me a link or a solution for this problem.