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    How do I reinstall Lightroom and safely import library and preview data from an older computer?


      Since buying a new MacBook Pro back in February 2014, I have had non-stop issues using Lightroom.  This is particularly frustrating considering I bought a new laptop specifically to improve my experience with Lightroom.  The experience thus far has been anything but.  The program freezes every time I try and 'right click' on an item, which means I have no way of reconnecting files or folders that are on external hard drives.  It also crashes regularly when I try and open the program.  I believe this may have something to do with how I moved files over from one computer to another.  I have a growing suspicion that my libraries are corrupt.


      It's now been 6 months, and I've uploaded quite a few new folders since then.  However, I am ready to give all the last 6 months work away and start with a 2013 backup to ensure Lightroom runs smoothly.  I've moved all current library information onto an external hard drive, and deleted the folder from my laptop.  I've also tried to delete and reinstall Lightroom, but the program immediately crashes when I try to start it up again.


      All this is to say I need some serious help getting Lightroom back up and running on my laptop, pulling in old data from my other laptop properly and bringing Lightroom back up to life on my new laptop.  Any assistance or hand holding would be immeasurably appreciated.