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    FLVPlayback bufferingBar woes

    Greg Dove Level 4

      I'm using a FLVPlayback component with FLV Playback Custom UI , not with a predefined skin.
      I've searched and haven't found an answer to this:

      Does anyone know how to disable the visibility of the buffering bar assigned to the FLVPlayback component?

      When playing an rtmp stream, if the video is in pause state for a length of time, the connection can timeout. This is fine in terms of behaviour... but the buffering bar becomes visible when the state changes to "disconnected" . When this stateChange event occurs and I try to make its _visible property false it seems the component over-rides this and makes it visible again.

      Does anyone have any insight into this? Thanks in advance for your help.
      Currently I'm trying to do it the following way - in a stateChange listener (the event Listener is setup correctly and fires as it should):

      myStateListener.stateChange = function(evtObj) {

      if (evtObj.state == "disconnected") {
      myFLVPlayback.bufferingBar._visible = false;