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    Removing blue cast/tint from JPG (wrong white balance setting while taking picture)




      Photosohop newb here, still using CS3 (10.0), so please be patient.


      I was at a convention not long ago, where I took lots of pictures with my phone. I only noticed at home, that a few of the pictures came out with an intense blue cast because of a bad white balance setting (I must have accidentally changed it).


      I was trying to fix the image for the last 2 hours, with no real luck. I tried everything under Image -> Adjustments -> "Auto Color", "Color Levels" and "Match Color", moving the sliders up and down to get the best match. The best I could come up with was still far away from the other pictures I took the same day.


      Here is one of the bad pictures: http://imgur.com/vw12aTQ

      And here is one I took just a minute later with the "normal" setting: http://imgur.com/RMFm7fo


      I actually got a pretty good match by cutting out some of the cobblestones from both pictures and using "Match Color" -> "Source", but I couldn't apply this technique to the whole picture.


      Could somebody please help me to make the colors of the first picture similar to the second one?


      Thank you,