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    [ANN] yFiles FLEX 1.0 released

      yWorks is proud to announce the official 1.0 release of yFiles FLEX, a Flex™-based framework for web-based diagramming applications.
      yFiles FLEX allows easy integration of sophisticated diagram visualization, animation and editing functionality into Rich Internet Applications.
      The library can be used standalone or with an arbitrary server technology. For efficient diagram analysis and automatic layout algorithms, yFiles FLEX works great in combination with yFiles Java and yFiles.NET.
      For more information, please see the . yFiles FLEX page which provides details on the requirements and features of yFiles FLEX and offers live demo applications.

      Features include:

      • Full support for (de)serialization of diagram structure, layout, and style information using the GraphML standard
      • Customizable node and edge styles
      • Extensive support for user interaction
      • Diagram animation
      • Remote communication API
      • Printing support

      About yWorks
      yWorks specializes in professional software solutions for the visualization of diagrams and graphs. Our AJAX - and Flex ™-based Web packages make available this diagramming expertise for Web diagramming applications. The yFiles for Java and .NET libraries offers state-of-the-art software components that bring high-quality diagramming into any Java and .NET application.