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    Why do my images go missing when I export my book to PDF??? How to Fix


      SEE ATTACHED for images of problem

      Everytime I export my book, some of the images appear missing(see grey wireframe boxes below), however, the images work pefectly fine in the InDesign file. Anyone know how to fix this? Why do I get these wireframe boxes??


      I have already tried the following:

      1. Exporting sections of the book to PDF, in sets and 1 by 1. Still doesn't work
      2. Printing and saving as a post-script file. Then opening it toUntitled.png conver to a PDF. Still doesn't work.
      3. Combination of #s 1 &2. Printed to post-script section by section. No luck.
      4. Exporting the whole book as PDF. Of course, doesn't work either.


      Sometimes these work arounds above work, but never consistently. One day, one of of them will work while the others dont, and vice versa.


      Section 2 is the largest section, and this is the one that most consistently has missing images.