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    Bizzare Behavior

    187_2007 Level 1
      Has anyone else experienced odd behaviors with checkboxes inside a Datagrid? For example:

      I have 5 rows coming back from the DB. I populate the datagrid correctly. Some of the columns are checkboxes
      I have a column named “Audio Initiation” it has two checkboxes in it. One is CLICK the other is MOUSEOVER.

      This is 5 rows. When you click on one of the checkboxes it affects the other checkbox within another row. It’s completely random. Here is my test website


      Once everything is loaded. Under search. Type yahoo and hit search

      In the tree, click YAHOO!

      Click on the banner tab on the right

      Under Audio Initiation start clicking random checkboxes and you will see this bizarre behavior. Why do you think this is happening?