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    How to modify a PDF after signing



      Our company has recently been upgrading from Adobe 8 to Adobe X (more specifically 10.1.10.) In Adobe 8 there is an ability to add/subtract pages after a signature has been signed, however this does not work in Adobe X with the default settings and I have not located a way to adjust this. Within the company there is a department in legal/accounting that handles the creation of PDF documents from basically start to finish. During their creation process there needs to be two signature: one for the creator of the document (this field is important enough that I cannot simply copy an ID/key so that anyone can sign anyone’s name however it is not important enough that it needs to lock a document or prevent any changes including adding/subtracting pages.) The creator will start a document sign and then pass it on where it will be modified, pages will be added/subtracted and words may be rearranged. Once it has been revised a couple to even a few time a second signature will lock the document. Is this still possible in Adobe Acrobat X Pro or Standard? Thank you in advance.


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          AFAIK the signature validation rules were significantly strengthen in Acrobat 9 and later. I do not remember whether adding pages was among those. BTW, by "subtracting pages"do you mean "deleting pages"? You could never delete a page in a signed document without invalidating the signature. Generally, in order to be able to modify signed PDF the original PDF, before the first signature, needs to be certified with certification permissions for specific actions, like permission to add more signature and fill form fields. You can certify the original PDF in Acrobat and its UI gives you a few certification permissions options. Adding pages is not in this list. LiveCycle has a more elaborate set of certification permissions but this is a fairly expensive solution and I do not remember whether Adding pages is in its permissions list.