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    Missing LR camera/lens profiles


      I updated to the latest version of Lightroom this afternoon. When I continued with LR, I discovered all my camera/lens profiles were gone. Can anyone tell me what  happened and how I can recover or replace then? Thanks!

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            When you say all your profiles disappeared do you mean ALL or just the ones you expect to see?  Does it say Matrix for the Profile down in the Camera Calibration section in Develop?


            If they are truly all gone, then I’d say uninstall and reinstall the same version of LR, again.  Did you update from LR 5.5 to LR 5.6, or did you upgrade from LR 4 to LR 5?


            If there are some profiles but just not the one you want, or it says Embedded for the camera profile down on the Camera Calibration section, then you’re editing a non-raw file and the profiles should return when you are editing a raw file rather than a JPG or TIF or PSD.

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              mjmoly Level 1



              Thanks. I've been traveling for two weeks and have not had access so I haven't followed up on your questions.


              Yes, I updated from LR 5.5 to 5.6 and discovered my profiles were gone after that. I did do some other "clean up" on the computer working with the Apple folks to solve another set of issues. It is possible that this is the source of my problem.  Your suggestion is to uninstall and reinstall LR. What precautionary steps do I need to do prior to the uninstall? Any special instructions for the reinstall. I would hate top end up with no LR at all!



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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                If you are just uninstalling and reinstalling to restore profiles then there’s nothing precautionary to do, really.  You can exit and make a backup of your catalog if you want, I suppose.  Settings are stored in a different location not relative to the program so you can uninstall and reinstall without affecting them, and settings are where LR remembers the last catalog you opened so that’ll still be the same upon a reinstall.