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    Using multiple mx:Script commands

      I am trying to split out my AS script into multiple AS scripts so it's easier to read and grouping it into various topics. Is there a best practice concerning this?

      I know I can do this, but is it the right way to do it?
      <mx:Script source="ascript/config.as"/>
      <mx:Script source="ascript/main.as"/>
      <mx:Script source="ascript/script1.as"/>

      Also, is this acceptable (which also functions):
      <mx:Script source="../ascript/config.as"/>
      <mx:Script> script code here </mx:Script>

      I'm having a hard time figurig out the best way to have multiple MXML component files and correlate the right AS script. If I don't split the script out, then I'll get errors because not all of the variables will exist.

      Does anyone have any thoughts on this?