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    Need to merge cover and body of quarterly.


      I've produced a 44-page quarterly for a non-profit for almost 10 years now, using Pagemaker then ID3 and now ID5. However, the cover (full front and back) and body (the 44 pages) have always been separate files. Now, for efficiency's sake, the printer would like me to combine the two files into one. (I taken them a PDF on a flash drive.)

      I've a couple of books on ID, and have looked at the 'help' area, but frankly haven't figured out yet what I should be doing. Am reasonably tech-friendly but also over 70-—not an excuse, just an explanation of why I might not be catching on as I should!

      If there's anyone willing to point me in the right direction, and has a bit of time, I'd sure appreciate the help.


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I presume the printer wants to run this as a "self cover" job of 48 pages. You would add two pages to the front of the document (front cover and inside front cover) and tow pages to the end (inside back cover and back cover). Feel free to leave the inside covers blank if you like, but make sure you include blank pages when you export the PDF.


          It gets a bit more complicated if you need an image or text to wrap around the cover, so if that's the case, let us know.

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            rajsre Adobe Employee

            - Open both the files, the cover document and main document

            - In Pages Panel select all the 4 pages of cover document

            - From Pages Panel flyout > select Move Pages

            - In the move pages dialog select Move To document (in this case the other opened document)

            - Use "before page ..." or "after page ..." settings, whatever the Printer recommends for booklet creation, press Ok


            Now you have combined both the documents. Resolve master conflicts if any. You can move the master pages separately the same way regular pages are moved in the above steps. Or, load master pages from the other document if needed (Master pages > Load master pages). To avoid master page name conflicts you can rename them differently before merge.