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    video help (PLEASE .... urgent)

      I created a video player that calls several flv's using netStream and netConnection. It references cue points within the flvs in order to navigate properly (functionality is very limited ... user can go to the next video by pressing the right arrow, or to the main menu by pressing the left arrow ... if too much time passes without interactivity, the program will automatically return to the main menu). This entire piece is running locally.

      If I just run through the program, it works perfectly. The problem is this is meant to be a kiosk meaning it will be up and running for long periods of time and I'm not sure how this effects computer performance. Additionally, I'm not entirely sure I've set the code up properly for this.

      That said, I am posting my flash file (minus all the flv's) in hopes that one of you Flash experts would be so kind as to take a look at it. Any help, pointers, info would be GREATLY appreciated (just go easy on my ... still a little new to the game). You can find the fla here:

      flash video player