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    Web Services Issue

      We are having a problem with Web Services.

      1. We have a Web Service program named ws_budget.cfc which is in the folder in inetpub/wwwroot/ws_abc.
      2. We access this via http: which is the primary ip address for the ColdFusion server.
      3. Everything works fine.
      4. The TargetNamespace is correctly named
      5. We have a variable named eMailaddress which shows as eMailaddress in the wsdl.
      6. We created a folder named inetpub/wwwroot/ws_xyz.
      7. wh added an ip named 222.2.2 which points directly to this folder.
      8. when we access the same program via this ip, the WSDL shows
      9. The TargetNamespace is named http://DefaultNamespace
      10. The variable named eMailaddress which shows as EMailaddress in the wsdl

      Any ideas how to correct this?

      Thanks, John