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    change print template type to use in different way?


      A family member created a print template in my Lightroom5.5 (picked sizes/grid, strokes, etc.) and it seems to have been created as a "Picture Package" because I have saved it, placing it within the "User Templates" folder during the Save process. Now I am asked to fill it with 25 selected images and these are in the sliding image picker at the bottom of the LR interface. (Can't remember the name of that lower panel...) But what surprised me is that this new template layout cannot be used as a "Contact Sheet." Here's what I see on the screen:

      -I have the layout displayed.

      -The chosen grid has all the same (first) image displayed

      -"Picture Package" is highlighted in the "Layout Style" panel

      -I click "Contact Sheet" in the "Layout Style" panel

      -The view immediately changes to a single panel filling the chosen paper size.

      -I go to the Template Browser and click my desired template again,

      -but it does not fill from the selected images


      Is this possible? What an odd choice for the UI designer. I don't remember not having the flexibility to switch the way the print template was "filled" before LR5.x  --  I believe I did this in earlier versions.


      I searched Adobe documentation. They write about templates as having the stores characteristic of "contact sheet" or "Package" or "Custom", which is new to me. They did not describe a part of the customization at which the user creates a layout as a "contact sheet" or "Picture package" or "Custom". If I start out and create a layout, then decide I want to use that template as a "contact sheet" after I make it, there seems to be no way to save it in a different category of template. So on deadline I find that the workflow is not clear and the documentation does NOT EXPLAIN what to do (or just say: you can't do this, which would be honest and helpful.)

      I tried to re-save it as a different "Type" ("Category"?) ...and there seemed no way to do this. I am now going to build another screen with the 25 panels and, no surprise, it must be initiated as a "custom" which is how I believe it was done before.

      I am sure someone knows what I am doing wrong. but I spent this time writing out the details so someone at Adobe *might* catch this and talk to the documentation elves. How can we be 5 [major]versions into this and have the workflow/documentation exhibit these holes?