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    Printed Graphics appear pixelated!?

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      Dear InDesign comunity!,


      I am working for a small Video-production company based in Austria, today i finished my first DVD Layout. (Cover+Label)


      I designed the label in PS CC 2014, exported as PNG and printed with the software "CD Label Print", i believe, it came with our Canon MG6300 Inkjet, absolutely no Problems.


      The Cover, however, i designed in ID CC, i have to admit, i am not very skilled with ID and i am not an expert on printing either. I also printed with our Inkjet directly out of ID, best settings, Photo paper and also told the printer, that i was going to use photo paper. The print settings in ID, i left at default, i only centered the image in the sheet.

      Here, all graphics i used appear pixelated at the edges, the Graphics are very large and i know, they are not the problem, because i used two of them on the label as well and there they are perfect, even though they are even smaller than on the cover. I also exported the project to a PDF and there, when i zoom in, no problems at all.


      I think i should also mention, that i used very small text on the cover as well. This looks good though, i don't think, that i could achieve much better results with an Inkjet.


      But what did i do wrong with the graphics?? i think they were all either PSD or PNG i just dragged them from the finder window and placed them using the place-gun.


      Does anyone have an idea, what i could do better next time? (besides taking the file to a print-shop)


      Any help would be much appreciated.

      Greetings from Austria,