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    file is already imported but missing in LR


      In my catalog I have a folder with 378 pictures. On my harddrive there are 544 pictures in the folder.

      When I try to synchronise the folder in LR5, I get the message that there are no photo's to import.

      Earlier I got some greyed out pictures in the window and when I right click on them I get the message that the picture was already imported.

      It may be that I deleted the picture in LR, but not on the harddisk. But for 160+ pictures I doubt that.


      How can I resolve this?

      Can I import the pictures that have already been imported but are missing in LR and may be delete them from the harddisk?

      How can I select the messages that are missing in LR on the Harddisk and review them to delete or may be rename and import?


      Thank you for your suggestions.

      Jan Minekus

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Either LR has already imported those photos but it thinks they are in a different folder—you can search the All Photos collection by filename to try to find them, or some of the photos are JPGs with the same base filename as a raw file in the folder so the JPGs are considered sidecars of the raws and wouldn’t both show up as separate photos in LR.  There is a setting in LR preferences to treat JPGs and RAWs separately and if you enable this then you can synchronize the folder and see the JPGs as well as their corresponding raw files.

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            minekus2 Level 1



            Thanks for your suggestion. It did not work. There are no sidecars in

            the folder.

            I can't search the all photo's because I do not know the filenames of

            the photos that are missing. I would have to manually compare each file.

            I found a solution myself after this.

            I moved all the files in the folder in LR to a different folder. LR did

            not have any files left.

            In windows I opened the empty folder and there were still all the files

            I couldn't import.

            I reviewed them all and decided to delete them all, as they were of no

            great importance, as I discovered that some of them were allready in

            another folder.

            In the future I will not do anything to the folders outside LR. I

            believe that was the cause of my problem.


            Thank you again for your reaction. It got me to the solution.




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                  file is already imported but missing in LR


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