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    Audition feature requests

    jamiehaggerty Level 1


      i just starting mixing Premiere Projects in Audition. I am using the 2014 edition of the apps. I was reluctant since Audition always seemed clunky compared with a full featured DAW. But I wanted to get the original files in there and this worked great. For the most part I got used to the work flow, most of my VST plugins work and spitting out stems was painless.

      a Few issues and it could be a pretty great combo with Premiere.

      1. Having the Playhead follow selection. For spotting effects to picture this is a must have. It slows you down to move the Playhead to the spot, maybe add a marker and then place the sound effect. For short films it's not to bad but for longer films it's kind of a deal breaker. You should be able to grab the SFX in the timeline and when you move it the Playhead snaps to the head of the region and the picture moves with it.
      2. Being able to move forward and back by 1 frame without zooming in. Make it like Premiere where the default is a frame and you use a modifier to make it 5 or 10. Very important.
      3. Track folders would be nice or the ability to hide selected tracks. Would make working on sound effects much faster if the dialog tracks weren't in the way.

      That's what I have for now.


      Jamie Haggerty

      composer/director/sound design


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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          Thanks for the great feedback, Jamie.


          We've certainly received a few requests to have the video panel update as selections were made or clips were dragged in MT.  I've made sure this request is in our feature backlog, and have added your notes to the request.


          For nudge/jump forward commands, the current behavior is far more granular than frame-by-frame, but I certainly recognize the usefulness of this behavior for many workflows.  I think there's already a feature request open for this as well, but I'll double-check.


          Finally, the 2014 release of Audition did introduce a Minimize Tracks feature which, while not the full nested tracks/track groups feature I'd like to see, does allow you to reduce dialog tracks to their minimum height and keep them locked there no matter how you zoom in or out.  The easiest way to toggle this is to click the waveform icon in the track panel.  There is also a right-click menu command Tracks > Minimize Track or the shortcut key SHIFT+\


          Thanks again for sharing, and don't hesitate to bring up anything else you'd like to see.

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            jamiehaggerty Level 1

            Thanks for the info. The minimize certain tracks will help indeed. Re: the 1 frame navigate suggestion. I do like the in between frames that you get by zooming way in. In animation it really helps sync thing closer the you can usually get. Maybe you could have the 1 frame as a default with modifiers for 5 and 10 frames jumps. Then if you zoom in you can go to the the granular area. As for the move Playhead with selection, maybe an option to turn it off if some people don't need it. Studio One has that option.

            It only took me a couple hours to get comfortable in Audition from my other DAW, but it was worth it for this animated short. While I still love Pro Tools for film work, I wasn't prepared to spend the $449 upgrade price to get in on my current workstation. Audition is doing a pretty good job of it. And I've switched this year from FCP 7 to Premiere Pro. No regrets on that so far.


            Jamie Haggerty

            composer/director/ sound design