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    Lightroom 5 upload issues to Blurb, but Lightroom 4 ok

    photo media

      I Spent a few hours this week trying to create a book in Lightroom 5, however, it's been a while since I created a book and Lightroom has upgraded from V4 to V5 and I now use Creative Cloud.


      Lightroom 5 wouldn't upload to the Blurb server.


      After investigating on the Web if there were any known issues I tried them all to no avail.


      I Thought I'd try V4 to prove if it was a Blurb or Adobe issue.


      Lightroom 4  worked without issue first time.


      I Can therefore deduce it's an Adobe Lightroom issue.


      So, Adobe, please resolve this bug ASAP .


      9th August 2014.