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    how do i change camera raw in cs6?


      just upgraded to CS6 on XP system. My new nikon d7100 is not supported in CS5. I have tried uplaoding various new camera raw versions but can not make a change within cs6 as it still only see the outdated version 7. I understand that I need to run veriosn 7.4 - 8.1 as new versions will not work on XP.

      I have gone through the "help" "update" section and it says that everything is now up to date but still showing an outdated version 7 when I look at was the program is using in the Preference section.


      geez it was nice in the days that a person could talk to an actual human. I thought I paid enough over the years to adobe and I would pay more to save these hours of frustration!


      can anybody help??