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    Why are manual changes in design mode being reflected in my State declaration


      I am using the following to create 2 states..


           <s:State name = "default"/>

           <s:State name = "fileUpload"/>


      When I move an object or make any other changes to controls in the Design view those changes are reflected in the source as follows...


           <s:State name = "default">

                <mx:SetProperty name="x" target="{bUploadRegForm}" value="642"/>

                <mx:SetProperty name="y" target="{bUploadRegForm}" value="654"/>

           </s:State> <s:State name = "fileUpload"/>


      I want the change being made in design mode to be reflected in both states, but the changes as they are being applied in the source would only be reflected in the default state.

      I can work around the problem by either making the changes directly to the source or by cutting the mx:state statement out of the source before manually moving anything in Design mode, then pasting it back in after making the changes. Kind of a pain.

      Can someone explain this behavior and possibly suggest a way to prevent it from happening.