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    Actionscript 3 Training

      I'm looking to get some training for Actionscript 3 in the near future...

      I'd be interested in online courses, or in class training... being as I'm in the NYC area, I can't imagine it's too hard to find, but, I'm coming up empty.
      It doesn't have to be tomorrow, but, in the next month or so would be nice.

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          martincou Level 3

          I suggest you to look at www.lynda.com. I am personnaly subscribe and it's very good! I am very impress! You could also look and buy some Training from the Source books from Adobe Press. I own one for AS 2.0 and I learned a lots of things. I just start to learn AS 3.0 too but I think, with the read of AS 2.0 book from TFTS, it will be easier for me to learn it!