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    After Effects preview rendering


      Simple question for anyone familiar with After FX


      How the heck do u keep ur Play\Preview rendering going when u click off After FX and onto another program or window..? (unfocused)


      I cant very well sit here and do nothing while it takes 30 mins to preview render something, but as soon as I do anything else, even click inside AFX, the preview rendering stops.


      anyone ?


      Thanks in advance, its driving me batty.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          We can't know because you haven't bothered to provide any system info or even tell us what version of AE and settings nor what specifically is going on in your comp. CS5 had this bug, but then again other versions may just as well show this behavior depending on what effects or features are used. Sometimes you may run out of memory, sometimes hardware acceleration, color management or other things may require the app to remain in focus or else e.g. OpenGL buffers may render black or not at all. To cut to the chase: You may have to live with it, but of course if you provide some info, we may be able to help.



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            vstyler13 Level 1

            AE6, 17 CPU, Win 7 X64, 24GB Ram and Quadro 4000 GPU


            perhaps Im not explaining clearly what Im trying to do..


            Lets say i load an animation effect onto a solid... I want to see the preview, but of course the frames have to be rendered to see it at real time..


            so... U click preview\play.. it starts rendering states, right.. but.. as soon as u click anywhere else on your screen.. either in or out of AFX.. it.. stops.


            Basically.. unless u sit here and just watch your screen as the it renders ur preview across the timeline...it stops rendering the preview.