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    I made a path and saved it and when I try to select it, it turns my stage completely black? Can anyone help me?


      As my question says, I am cropping out a figure exactly how I usually do it and for some reason this time it is not working. I made points with the pen tool and then moved it around with the direct selection tool (light grey pointer) and everything worked fine. I then saved the path and usually you just hold down control and click on the picture of the path next to the name and it selects it for you (marching ants) and then I select the inverse and delete the background. This time for some reason when I control and click on the image of the path, it just turns the stage completely black. When I undo it goes back to normal but everytime I try, the same thing happens. I am using Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64-Bit) By the way


      Can anyone help me?? Thanks in advance