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    what happens when a new cc version is available


      I am currently building a case as to why my employer should more to Adobe CC, however they have a few questions:

      1. When a new version of CC is available is it automatically downloaded and installed, or is there a choice to not upgrade?

      2. What happen when features get dropped in the new CC upgrades? for example TLF text in Flash is not supported in CC, so those working files would not longer be compatible.


      Thanks in advance for your reply

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          1. There is a notification for update, and you have a choice to update or not to update.


          2. Usually new major versions are installed as separate apps, so you can get the new version and keep the old one for working with files that may not be compatible with the new version. Or if you need only the new version, you can uninstall the old one. For example when 2014 version Photoshop CC was released and if you chose to update, the update process left the old version installed.