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    Lightroom Mobile sync problem


      I too am having trouble with Lightroom Mobile after a few problem-free months.  I'm running LR 5.6 on Windows, plenty of memory, etc.

      I have marked collections on my desktop app for sync and I am signed in/sync on. but no sync.  There are no files in the cloud and no sync activity showing on the desktop program.

      I've tried signing out and in, creating new collections, deleting all data through Edit/Preferences, deleted and reloaded the IPad App.  Can't think of anything else.

      Has anyone any suggestions?


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          greule Adobe Employee

          Could you please send me a LR Desktop diagnostig log  - best as a private message with a downloadable dropbox link.


          You can trigger the log via LR Desktop preferences -> Lightroom Mobile and when you hold down the alt key you will notice a generate diagnostic log button.




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            greule Adobe Employee

            Are you able to access these URLs on you desktop computer?





            If so, could you try to sync with a different/new catalog and see if that works?





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              I was in the same situation with the synching problem but happened on a fix last week. I'm a CC member and have LR installed on two machines. My desktop is my production system with collections and sync set up. I had downloaded a second copy of LR for my MacBook Pro to use for quick photo edits, but didn't set up a second catalog, etc. However, I did sign into my CC account on this second install of LR. Once I signed in on the second LR installation, the mobile syncing promptly stopped working. Once I signed out of the second install of LR and signed out and back into my LR Mobile apps on my iPhone and iPad, it started working. A couple of weeks later and its still good.